Come on, let’s get under the covers.

Those would be the covers of new books at the Hartford Public Library, one of which I will discuss with you each Tuesday and Thursday on Under the Covers, the library’s newest blog.Under the Covers logo

I’ve been writing about books for more than 25 years, as a reviewer, columnist and books editor for the Hartford Courant, where my Writestuff column runs each Thursday. I’m an avid reader of fiction, nonfiction, memoir and more, and I am a member of the National Book Critics Circle. I love introducing readers to new authors with compelling voices, as well as assessing new books by established writers.

Under the Covers will tell you what you need to know about each book: who the author is, what it’s about and why I think you might like it. In return, I hope you will post comments, making this blog a lively conversation among people who love to read.

Carole Goldberg

Carole Goldberg

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  • Rosie Sultan says:

    Dear Ms. Goldberg,

    Thanks so very much for this review of my novel, Helen Keller In Love! I am delighted by it. As a native of Wethersfield, Connecticut (right outside Hartford) I am especially tickled to see this shout-out from the Hartford library. I will contact the library and see if we can arrange an author visit; I’d love to talk with readers about the book. Thanks again! Rosie Sultan

  • Steve Kemper says:

    Congratulations, Carole. Looking forward to reading the blog.

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